iSOLde - The new generation of Philips
tanning lamps

iSOLde (a Brand Devision of JW Sales GmbH) is your exclusive distributor of the new generation of Philips tanning lamps. The company has taken over the internationally renowned Philips tanning range at the beginning of the year 2009 and ever since is leading the 25-year long success story of the Philips brand into a bright future.

Our experience for your safety

Our sound knowledge of the healthy effect of UV-irradiance on human beings forms the basis for the development of our tanning lamps. The further development of our lamp technology consistently draws on the latest scientific findings. Users of our products enjoy the highest level of safety and confidence thanks to the most advanced materials and reliable quality controls.

Tanning is pure joy of life

Sunbathing lifts our spirits and revitalizes us. A slightly tanned complexion suggests and gives off an attractive, naturally beautiful vibrancy. Sunbathing is all about the right dosage as too much sun can lead to long-term skin damage.

Tanning in a sunbed has a large advantage over natural sun: Tanning salon sun is predictable and the right dosage can always be selected for a healthy tan for every skin type. To achieve this, modern sunbed technology uses the latest photo biological limit values. This advantage places it light years ahead of natural sun...




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